Solo Travel & Freedom

Quenching my desire to feel alive

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Did you go to New Zealand by yourself? I can’t even drive to the airport alone without major anxiety! That was me, in my forties, until two years ago.

I moved to New York from Israel when I was eight years old. This was the first time I was on an airplane and the beginning of my love affair with travel. The big buildings, the mélange of languages, the smell of roasted chestnuts; it was easy to fall in love with NYC.

Shortly thereafter my family started taking road trips throughout the U.S.; small cities, big cities, waffles with ice…

A 20 of 2020 writing tour

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I feel like the only person who didn’t start baking this year.

If your newsfeeds looked anything like mine in 2020, every soul across the globe seems to have started baking from sourdough to cookies to every variety imaginable and beyond of challah; sesame, cinnamon, chocolate, rainbow-colored, you name it! With restaurants at limited capacity or closed and people at home with way too much time on their hands, ovens have gotten their spotlight in 2020.

I, however, channeled my creative energy outside the kitchen and onto a keyboard; bringing my insides out and giving my words wings.

Writing became…

It’s about more than sex and money; you have to talk to each other too

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You meet her. You feel all the feels and all the butterflies. You decide she’s the one, put a ring on her finger, and live happily ever after. The End.

And then you wake up to your cluttered home with a heap of unpaid bills, a princess in sweatpants that you only see in passing between kids and work, and resentment and power struggles that replaced the butterflies years ago. Good morning, have a great day.

It turns out that marriage is hard work and that happily ever after is just make-believe. When pretend-play is over and you’re in the…

A haiku

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Let people show you
Who they are; open your eyes
Be willing to see.

So often we do not allow ourselves the space we need to see what is truly so. We tend to see others as we are. We often get too close too fast, blurring our focus. Sometimes we see what we want to see; seeing others bigger than they actually see themselves and setting ourselves up for disappointment.

Slow down, breathe, and take a pause.

Open your eyes and truly look; be willing to see what is versus what it is you wish for.

Communicate expectations, hopes…

What comes between? — Newsletter #19

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What comes between?

What comes between you and your writing dreams, your plans, your goals?

Do you allow distractions to take hold of the course of your life, or are you firmly behind the wheel?

We live in a world of distractions: technology, social media, phones at our fingertips, children, work, families, and the list goes on.

Many of us have tremendous dreams, plans, and goals but how do we turn a dream into reality and not let distractions win? Think action over intention, momentum, and intentionality to cast away those things that come between us and our (writing) dreams.

What gets in…

A haiku

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Beauty of the heart
Stimulates and inspires me
Looks fade, insights stay.

For years, I would have deeply intellectual and philosophical conversations about life with random people; from select friends, to grad-school classmates, to strangers in coffee shops.

Friends and complete strangers alike quenched my thirst for existential deep-dives.

It took me well over forty years, and two divorces, to consider that I might have an intimate relationship that could fulfill this need as well, but once I put it into the universe — I would not accept anything less.

The next man I dated filled this desire and then…

Galit Birk, PhD

Psychology, human potential, parent coaching, possibility, vulnerability, authenticity, connection, being known, giving my words wings! Perfectly imperfect.

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