When your vision goes dark, you see the light

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A few nights ago my biggest dilemma was what show to binge on Netflix as I happily lay in bed reminiscing about my day. It was a great day after all. I had my first since-pandemic in-person work event that night and I met a friend for a glass-ish of wine on the way home. I was in bed by 9:30, remote control in hand, feeling on top of the world!

But tonight feels different, I’m different, and I am scared to go to sleep.

I woke up on Saturday morning exhausted, having eventually found a mindless show to binge…

Solo Travel & Freedom

Quenching my desire to feel alive

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Did you go to New Zealand by yourself? I can’t even drive to the airport alone without major anxiety! That was me, in my forties, until two years ago.

I moved to New York from Israel when I was eight years old. This was the first time I was on an airplane and the beginning of my love affair with travel. The big buildings, the mélange of languages, the smell of roasted chestnuts; it was easy to fall in love with NYC.

Shortly thereafter my family started taking road trips throughout the U.S.; small cities, big cities, waffles with ice…

A 20 of 2020 writing tour

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I feel like the only person who didn’t start baking this year.

If your newsfeeds looked anything like mine in 2020, every soul across the globe seems to have started baking from sourdough to cookies to every variety imaginable and beyond of challah; sesame, cinnamon, chocolate, rainbow-colored, you name it! With restaurants at limited capacity or closed and people at home with way too much time on their hands, ovens have gotten their spotlight in 2020.

I, however, channeled my creative energy outside the kitchen and onto a keyboard; bringing my insides out and giving my words wings.

Writing became…

It’s about more than sex and money; you have to talk to each other too

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You meet her. You feel all the feels and all the butterflies. You decide she’s the one, put a ring on her finger, and live happily ever after. The End.

And then you wake up to your cluttered home with a heap of unpaid bills, a princess in sweatpants that you only see in passing between kids and work, and resentment and power struggles that replaced the butterflies years ago. Good morning, have a great day.

It turns out that marriage is hard work and that happily ever after is just make-believe. When pretend-play is over and you’re in the…

An etheree poem

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The one
Who made me
A mother, my
Firstborn child, my son.
Named you Ori — my light
And shine bright you have my dear
Illuminating the world with
Your old soul full of wisdom beyond
Your years; leaving a mark on all you touch.

I picked up my son from camp last week, and as always I heard from counselors and staff alike “your son is amazing, everyone loves him!”

Wherever this boy goes, he leaves his mark.

He is sweet, kind, and empathetic, a deep-feeler like his mother. He is creative; an artist, a musician, a singer…

Don’t be afraid to get dirty — Newsletter #30

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Don’t be afraid to get dirty

How often do you let yourself get dirty? Jump in a puddle? Finger paint? Play in the mud with your kids? Try something new you might not be strong at?

When I was younger, I used to shy away from things I was bad at.

I quit dance, tennis, and skiing for precisely this reason, and yes — the irony is not lost on me for as I now tell my children — the only way to get better is to practice, not quit. But I digress!

A few weeks ago, a fellow writer on the platform, invited me to…

Not too hot, not too cold

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Fresh brewed aroma
With froth, I prepare, just right
Coffee made with care.

I was at the doctor recently, after having nearly passed out, and she suggested that I “break up with coffee!” That did not sit well with me, and so naturally, I wrote about it. Coffee brings me joy along with waking up my brain, but in the spirit of self-care — I’ve added matcha-lattes to my days!

What’s your daily indulgence? Tell us about it in haiku: Randy Shingler, Heather C Holmes, Sтepн Tнoмpѕoɴ, Carolyn Riker, Haikuster.

Galit Birk, PhD is a therapist-in-training, a parent coach, a…

A haiku

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Money problems gone
I sit in Paris at peace
Writing my next book.

What might be possible if your obstacles were handled? Dare to dream it, then maybe you’ll dare to live it too. So often we go through life limited by our own self-limiting beliefs, allowing our constraints to get in the way of even dreaming — let alone achieving the lives we desire.

I invite you to gift yourself with permission to dream.

In response to Being Known’s monthly writing prompt: dare to imagine.

Galit Birk, PhD is a therapist-in-training, a parent coach, a life coach, and a…


Free yourself into summer

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Heating up
Playdates, pool dates
Patios, misters
Long days, party all night
Making lifetime memories
Soaking up the sun, the laughter
New friends, old friends, and summertime flings
We let go and run free into summer.

An etheree poem is one in which each line grows in syllable count from 1–10, or descends from 10–1. The etheree above, consistent with the freedom of summer — can be read from top-down, or bottom-up — try it!

See more etheree poems by Galit Birk, PhD:

Galit Birk, PhD is a therapist-in-training, a parent coach, a life coach, and a forever…

Galit Birk, PhD

Psychology, human potential, parent coaching, possibility, vulnerability, authenticity, connection, being known, giving my words wings! Perfectly imperfect.

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